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William Mathews Brooks is a world record holder pilot having set multiple national and world aviation records throughout his flight career. In 2004, Matt Brooks, Tim Weber, and Fred Lohden broke the global 'speed around the world' westbound record at 199mph.

In November 2006, Commander Matt Brooks and Pilot Alan Cirino set nine aviation records for speed and distance in the weight class for their aircraft

Matt Brooks is the founder of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co. An avid climber, alpinist, and trained mountain guide WM Brooks is also the inventor of a variety of innovative mountaineering equipment.

William Mathews Brooks is heralded for his engineering of the Brooks-Range rescue ski sled. Previous rescue sleds were extremely bulky and heavy, so William Brooks decided to find a better solution. Thus, the popular Brooks Range Rescue sled was born. William Matthews Brooks was able to drop the total weight and size of the rescue sled in half by changing the design of the sled’s stretcher bars. By 2008, WM Brooks had developed a full line of rescue sleds designed specifically for climbers.

 For 10+ years, William Mathews Brooks has developed advancements and add features to the Brooks-Range sled. William Brooks now manufactures 4 highly acclaimed unique rescue sled designs.